Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Little Backlog Detour

I know, I know...I was supposed to be finishing Fallout 3 but I was detoured. I finished the Call of Duty Black Ops II campaign, on veteran, instead. I am a storyline person. A great multiplayer is an added bonus but all in all, I am far more interested in single player. I refuse to pay $60 for a multiplayer game.

 The Call of Duty franchise has not disappointed me much when looking at storyline, except for Modern Warfare 2. Really Infinity Ward? I walked through that campaign on veteran like I was playing on easy. Anyway, I rather enjoyed Treyarch's story in Black Ops 2, more than I thought.

 However, there are some elements I absolutely hated. Let's talk about those Strike Force missions for a moment...what in the Hell were the devs thinking? They were awful. Here I am trucking along, playing the story, enjoying the action when all of a sudden BAM...now I have to switch to an RTS mode. Did I mention I hate the RTS genre? If I wanted an RTS game, I would have purchased one.

 Having to switch into this RTS game mode really yanked me out of the main story. It was jarring and disruptive. I found myself resenting having to play that section. Resenting it enough I didn't care of I was successful or not. To add insult to injury; the AI in those missions were completely worthless. I mean the AI was stupid and thoroughly useless. I am sure Treyarch felt they were adding a new and exciting element (read: innovation) into the Call of Duty franchise but please...DO.NOT.DO.IT.AGAIN.

I will probably try playing through again, on easy, so I can grab some achievements but I guarantee I am not looking forward to those stupid Strike Force missions. I'd almost rather play Amy again....almost.

P.S. - If you want a great story in a military themed shooter, pick up Medal of Honor Warfighter. I was literally tearing up at the end. It really pulled at the heartstrings. If you want to play the entire story, grab Medal of Honor: Tier One and play it first.

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