Friday, May 3, 2013

Having Trouble Choosing

Found this on Memebase

I was all set to pick Fallout 3 back up and finish it. Hell, I was pretty excited by the prospect as well, but when I reached for the case and opened it...the disc was gone.

Now I just played Fallout 3 about a month ago and the disc was there. The small people (kids) in my house claim innocence and have no knowledge of the disc's location. I find this extremely irritating, which in my mind is perfectly reasonable. I am face with the prospect of having to purchase a new disc. My old disc was starting to crack in the center.

Let's be real for a minute, the game case designs are kind of lame. The way you have to push the center, and the pressure to hold it in place rest in that center, isn't the best thing for those delicate discs. We bought Fallout 3 at launch so this is not a new disc by any stretch of the imagination. If you bought a game in a "steelbook" case, like Mass Effect 3, then you know those are even worse. I literally had to clip the plastic tabs to get the discs out without snapping the disc in half. Who came up with those? Can't we have a sleeve or something inside the cases instead? Just a thought.

Anyway, my big question now is; do I buy and download game from Xbox Live ($14.99) or do I attempt to find a used, non-GOTY edition (I already own all the DLC) for $10 or under...somewhere in my area?

What do I play until then? Which backlog game should I start or finish? I have so many. I am leaning towards Assassin's Creed or Kingdoms of Amalur. Though I haven't finished Black Ops 2 campaign nor have I even started Halo 4 campaign. There is all Fallout New Vegas staring at me.  I am stuck on Halo: Reach but my disc cracked (thanks kids) and needs replacing. I probably have a list of 30-40 games between downloadables and disc copies. Then there are the Playstation 3 games and some Wii one too. You can sprinkle the odd DS in there too.

Suggestions are welcome.

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