Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am a Modern Warfare 3 widow

I am a gamer myself and I love my games. I own my own copy of Modern Warfare 3 as well as my own Xbox 360. However, I feel I must be missing something because I just cannot ignore the life around me when I play like my husband can.

Modern Warfare 3 was released a mere 3 days ago and it has become the mistress under my nose. He started his vacation the same day it was released. It was supposed to start the day after but a fortuitous event gave him an extra day. Since then he has been sitting in front of the downstairs television stomping, yelling, and cursing. You cannot talk to him, he will not hear you. You cannot get an answer, just a monosyllabic grunt. You can try to talk to him between matches but you there just isn't enough time to get a decent response. What is it about this game that turns him into an angry lump that doesn't seem to effect me?

I have a "honey do" list that he and I put together of things he was going to get done while on vacation. Winter is coming and there are things that have to be done before it snows. I now have my serious doubts it will get done. I left for work last night and I don't think he even noticed I was gone until I called him 30 minutes later to let him know I would be home early. I felt it was only right to warn him so he could put his "mistress" back in the game case before I got home.

Certainly there are football widows that will understand what I am talking about. That thing our spouses get passionate about, so passionate that everything else fades into the background. I am so pretty sure that there are husbands or boyfriends complaining about the same thing. However, I am puzzled by the fact it can effect some gamers and not others. Is there a subliminal message embedded in the multiplayer that only effects some people? Let me put it in perspective, he is a level 50 and I am a level 7.

I am thinking of having him bronzed.

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