Saturday, August 21, 2010

No support for girl gamers

Halo Reach is right around the corner and they have already released the Limited Edition controller. My son wanted it for his 4th birthday so we got him one. I decided to keep the code for the avatar item that was included with the controller because my 4 yr old doesn't have an account.

I opened it up and put the code into my account. Then I got this message:

Can't redeem your code because the item only fits male avatar. Your avatar is female. You may want to share this code with a friend who has a male avatar.

Wow. I mean wow. Sorry girls, we can't stand the fact you play games so we will deny you. Get back to the kitchen. That message is worded very badly.

I loaded it onto my husband's account so I could have a look at what it was thinking maybe it was armor or something reasonable. Nope, it's a remote controlled Banshee.

Way to support girl gamers there Microsoft and Bungie.

Now I know this is probably a coding glitch but it reinforces the idea to those special guys that girls shouldn't play video games.

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