Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Mass Effect 2 DLC

Oh joy, oh rapture, I get to play some more of my favorite game series ever. Bioware announced there will be new DLC for Mass Effect 2 next month. I am thrilled.

Here is the description:

An experimental and dangerous VI has been unleashed and is taking over any technology it finds to serve its purposes, including the Geth. Commander Shepard and his squad must infiltrate the VI's heavily gaurded fortress and shut it down before it can beam itself off planet and wreck havoc across the galaxy.

There will be 2 new achievements and 5 new levels. *squeal*

I was toying with the idea of downloading the iTunes Mass Effect Redemption series but if I patient and wait until June 2, I can just buy the paperback graphic novel.

Now the one I am really waiting for is the new novel by Drew Karpyshyn, Mass Effect Retribution. If this goes along the same lines as the other novels it will take place between games 2 and 3.

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