Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bungie migration

So the fanboys are crying and stomping their feet, infant style, about the Bungie migration to Activision. It's gotten so bad I am considering carrying a pack of jumbo Pampers around with me in case I talk to them. *eye roll*

People, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Bungie has said from the get go that Halo Reach was the end of Halo. No more. That's it. Done beating the dead Master Chief horse. I for one, am glad of it. Halo ODST was a complete let down. Sub par graphics and mediocre online play. Do you have any idea how many times I played the horde mode trying to get to that 200,000 point level for the achievement only to have the server kick me out at 190,000. I gave up. I walked away. Best thing about that game? Some of the actors from my favorite show/movie Firefly/Serenity did the voice acting. *grins*

Bungie wants to go in a new direction. They want to develop a new type of game (for them) and this is the best way for them to do it. Yes, they are a successful company but to do what they want to do they'll have to change their game engine, programming, everything. Activision has the resources and can give them the backing to do so.

So please, dry your eyes, change the Pull-up and act like the big boy you are. It'll be okay. Maybe you can get mommy to kiss the boo-boo and make it better?

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