Thursday, August 1, 2013

Up to 18 Now on Xbox 360

I have managed to finish two more games on the Xbox 360 to 100% completion in the past couple of days. Number 17 was Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 and number 18 was Borderlands 2. I am feeling very proud of myself at this point, especially Borderlands 2. Of course that 100% will change when Gearbox drops the next two DLC packs later this year. It also means I will be forced to try that much harder to keep the 100% standing.

 I am not sure what game I am going to move onto now. Not sure I want to start another Lego game, actually. I do have quite a few games I own but have never played though I do not think I will even attempt to get all the achievements in those. I do not try to 100% every game I own. I know I cannot, especially the games that have multiplayer achievements. I hate MP achievements.

You know, I have a few games on the Playstation 3 I have 100% on as well. Maybe I will finish Flower and Unfinished Swan. I think I need to sit down and figure out my complete game total, Xbox 360 and PS3. 

 On a more personal note, Monday we find out exactly how badly the new company is going to screw us and we will have a better idea of when we will be moving. I loathe the idea of leaving my lovely home for an ugly ranch-style in Colorado but I know we must go. It makes the best financial sense. I am shooting to be out of my job by the end of September so I can start the whole packing and sorting project full force. 

I have no idea what the future will bring but I must face it head on and look it straight in the eye. I am positive there is a reason why fate is playing this hand and I will just have to see it through. 

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