Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yet More BioShock 2

I beat the game, finally, and started on the DLC - Minerva's Den. I had planned on typing this up a few days ago but in light of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, it didn't seem prudent to do so.

BioShock 2, what am I going to do with you?  The story's end was fairly predictable though I am still not sure if Dr. Lamb was my ex-wife or if she was a "baby mama". At any rate, she has your daughter, Eleanor, kidnapped and brings her to Rapture. She is experimenting Eleanor to create this "Utopian being" and Eleanor is a "Little Sister" all grown up, well as grown up as she could be. I'd guess her to be in her late teens.

So you decide to find her and somehow discover Rapture. The guess what happens? You are forced into the "Big Daddy" program and become a Big Daddy. At some point, Eleanor is taken from you and you become aware...aware enough to want to go find Eleanor.

Long story short, Eleanor really is your daughter and Dr. Lamb tries to kill you, repeatedly. How it all ends exactly depends upon some decisions you made within the game. Since I spared those that did not attack me  or where I was given a choice, Eleanor spares her mother death by drowning and saves her. I also chose to rescue the Little Sisters so they were available to help Eleanor and I escape from Rapture. Ultimately I am fatally injured trying to escape and die. Eleanor basically finishes me off by drawing out my Adam and saving it to keep me with her always. Yeah, just a little creepy.

It was a decent game and challenging but the story was too predictable. I had figured out I was Eleanor's real daddy as soon as I heard the recording about traveling to Rapture to find my daughter. I really would have liked to have wandered under the sea in a more, like I could do in areas of Rapture.

It really was a decent game but it could have been more epic. I think having to revisit Rapture after the first BioShock really killed the awe and wonder of this title. And the multiplayer? Yeah that could have, and should have, been skipped. It was unbalanced and completely annoying from the start. I tried playing it when it came out and detested it. Sorry but that was a bad move by Irrational Games.

Oh well, off to Minerva's Den.

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  1. I didn't get to far on the second Bioshock, though I love the series.