Monday, April 8, 2013

Still on BioShock 2

I have finally reached the point in the game where I had stopped playing, out of sheer boredom. I think I have the ending all figured out already, to some degree. I, the Big Daddy, was a real father of one of the Little Sisters...most likely Eleanor. My daughter had been kidnapped while playing near the ocean and I hijacked a sub and found Rapture all on my own. Aren't I special? Once I reached Rapture, I was a threat so I was used in the Big Daddy experiments/development and made into a Big Daddy.

Anyway, I am now facing new enemies that are rather annoying, almost as annoying as the Houdini Splicers: the Alpha Daddies. These suckers will show up when I place a Little Sister next to a body to gather Adam. So now I am fighting the onslaught of Splicers and one Big Daddy that is near to my strength. Now the upside to these guys, they can keep the Big Sisters busy from time to time. A Big Sister appeared (predictably) after I had rescued the final Little Sister on a level and there happened to be an Alpha Daddy coming towards me too. While they fought it out, I took them out. I don't think this was meant to happen but it worked out for me.

I have noticed a few programming issues. Nothing major or game breaking though. Once I entered a room with a Gather's Garden and there was a gift from my group of rescued Little Sisters. I picked it up. When I left the room  the voice over told me there was a gift waiting for me at the Gather's Garden. Ummm no...I already got that, but okay.

I am beginning to enjoy the game a little more and it will say it is a heck of a lot harder than BioShock Infinite when it comes to combat. In Infinite, I never had that anxiety over what was waiting around the corner for me. The only enemy that caused me any significant issue were the impossible Handymen and those were few and far between. With the first BioShock and this sequel, I am continually anxious about what might be hiding behind that door I need to go through. Battles are chaotic and sometimes overwhelming. I have died more often just trying to kill another Big Daddy that I died my entire playthrough on Infinite.

I am not sure how many more hours I have before I reach the end of BioShock 2 but I am glad I picked it back up. Maybe after this I'll finish Fallout 3.

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