Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs' passing

As everyone knows, the nerd world lost one of it's greatest yesterday, Steve Jobs. Now I could have an entire blog post listing everything he ever did or invented but that isn't what I am after.

Steve Jobs was one of the 2 greatest visionaries in the tech world. I consider Bill Gates the other one. Love or hate Apple products, you still have to give Steve props for everything he accomplished.

Without him, our technological world would be entirely different. He wanted technology to be innovative and accessible. He achieved that so many times over. I can remember when I was in 6th grade, learning a basic programming language on an Apple computer. There was a van full of them that would travel from school to school because schools just didn't have the budgets back them for computer labs. This was long before the Mac too. Yes I am dating myself. Just pretend I am 20-something.

The tech world will be a darker place without Steve Jobs lighting it up. I don't know that there is anyone that is "up and coming" that will be able to take his place and be as imaginative has he was.

He was an amazing man and the world will miss him.

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