Friday, July 15, 2011


YES! Thank you EA for your wonderful Insider Deals. I was able to pick this up for $16 and free shipping.

I haven't played much yet but what I have done is just plain, psychotic fun. They did try for a campaign and that was cute but frankly, the game is all about killing and being creative about it. I don't think anyone cares about the story.

I need to pick up the 2 DLC packs for multiplayer. What I have played is pretty simple. You and 3 other people try to reach a certain number of points in a round, try to get that bonus kill type too, to move on to the next round.

There are 5 difficulties and profanity, lots of profanity. The dialogue is hysterical and makes you want to hear more even if the story is weak. Again, though, this is NOT a story driven game so it doesn't effect the game at all.

I need to get Shadows of the Damned too. I wish I could find an epic deal on that one.

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