Monday, June 14, 2010

Rumors and Mass Effect movie thoughts

So rumor has it they are talking about putting mulitplayer into Mass Effect 3. Now why would they want to do that? It'll ruin the gaming experience that we all already love. It's perfect as a single player and I don't feel there is a need to compete against other players in a killing free-for-all. Honestly. It ruined Bioshock 2, completely. In fact, Bioshock 2 was a mediocre campaign to begin with, then they added on the boring and totally wasted multiplayer platform. Please Bioware, if you care at all, DO NOT ADD MULTIPLAYER! It is not chocolate, it does not make everything better. People aren't complaining about it not being there...let it go and fire the guy that thought of it.

The husband and I were sitting here last night debating, again, who should be in the Mass Effect movie. First off, you have to have Seth Green as Joker. He does the voice in the game and no one will be able to copy his comedic style and timing. You can't replace him. He IS Joker.

For Shepard, Nathan Fillion or Oded Fehr. Both would make respectable 'grizzled' captains.

Ashley? Well the husband says Rachel Weisz and I say Gina Torres. No one said Ashley has to be white and she's bad ass enough to play Ashley.

Kaiden has been tough since he comes across as young. Bradley Cooper was mentioned but I have a feeling Hollywood would want one of their newest pretty boys like Sam Worthington.

Tali should be played by the young lady that does her voice, Liz Sroka.

As for any of the other alien beings, you won't see them so it doesn't much matter though I am sure there is an alien for Adam Baldwin and Ron Perlman (Urdot Rex maybe?).

Saren will be a tough one. Might have to pull the old Darth Vader number and have one person do the voice and one play the actual character. The guy that does the actual voice would be great but he isn't the right build to actually play him physically.

Captain Anderson? Ron Glass or maybe even Laurence Fishburne.

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