Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heee heee Go Activision!

So the Infinity Ward fiasco gets better! Activision handled the issue of the unpaid bonuses, they distributed the bonuses to the Infinity Ward employees that were still there. So basically, all those "leads" that thought they were going to move to EA and still get their bonuses, forfeited them and they underlings are grateful. I am of the mind that that is the best way to handle it. I am happy for those underlings!

Now to address the Halo issue. Fanboys! Pay Attention! Bungie is NOT making another Halo after Reach. I am sorry. Not happening. Go cry into your pillows and listen to Emo music. Just pick up the recent copy of Game Informer for yet more proof. Now that's not to say Microsoft won't try to make another one but Bungie is done. Do you really want to play a Halo made by Microsoft? Probably not. Grab those Doritos and Mountain Dew, walk into the closet and close the door...weep my friend, weep. Now quit talking about it.

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