Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I am back...again

I have been remiss in my postings but the last couple of months went from hectic to OMFG!

Things have calmed down now, so I can get back to boring everyone with the random crap that pops into my brain. Aren't you pleased? lol

Let's see...I finished Far Cry 3. Fantastic game. The voice acting was superb and there was enough tedious side quests to thrill me but not so many I wanted to club a baby seal. I got go to hang gliding. How cool is that?! Honestly, if you have picked this one up yet, go get it now. It'll give you hours of enjoyment.

I started Dragon Age Origins (again). Having fun with this one too. If Alistair was a real man, in my real life, I'd so date him. I love his snarky humor. Plus he comes off as a little awkward. Sorry hubby, you have competition.

I also started Dark Souls. Now having played Demon's Souls, I knew it was going to be rough but at this point in the game, I have died so often, I have completely lost the plot. No really. I have absolutely no idea what the story is anymore. I'll trudge through some more and see if I can pick up the story again.

On a sad note, my PS3 has died. I need to get it repaired but that's $130 I don't have right now. Yes, I will repair it. It's an original 60GB, 100% backwards compatible model. So not giving it up.

My 3 yr old is potty-trained now, thankfully, but requires an audience for every bathroom trip. Sorry but whomever coined the phrase "Terrible Twos" should have waited a year. The threes are far worse. Now I have to get to quit crawling into bed with me at night. I have no idea how someone 2 ft tall and around 30 lbs can take up 90% of a queen size bed.

I finally quit my job. Yes, it's true. I am done with my night job. As awesome as it is to be back at home with my kids full time, I am finding it a difficult adjustment. My body clock is not fully on daylight hours and I am finding the demands of the house to be exhausting - more so than they should be. I am suffering from some loneliness too. I got used to interacting with people on a daily basis (face to face). Now? Not so much. Plus I have Christmas and a move to Colorado looming in the future. I'll adjust though. It'll just take time.

Well that's all in a nutshell, so far. :)

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