Friday, March 29, 2013


What did you think when you first saw me?
Did it feel as though a bolt of lightning ran through you?
Was I everything you had imagined?
What would you do if I lightly touched your shoulder, drawing your eyes to mine?
Could you lose yourself in their dark, green depths?
Are you willing to drown within them?
Are you afraid of where it might lead you?
Are you worried I will tempt you to abandon yourself?
Am I so dangerous that I could possess you?
Did you wonder what it would be like to kiss me, deeply, gently?
Did you imagine burying your face in my neck and breathing in deeply the scent of me?
Did you long to stroke my cheek, to caress my neck, to taste my lips?
Did I walk away leaving you wondering, imagining the paleness of my skin against yours?
Did you long to run your hands across my silken, moon-pale skin?
Did you picture us locked in an embrace, forgetting everything else?
Do you wonder how my hair gently brushing against your bare chest would feel?
Do you think of me during moments of quiet?
Do you allow your imagination to undress me?
Do you go that far?
Are you picturing us, together, stripped of everything but each other?
Do you find yourself wishing I had pressed myself against you, negating that small space between us?
Do you desire feeling the pressure and warmth of my body against yours?
Did you want to feel my breath, fast and lustful, against your cheek?
Can you forget me?
Do you really want to?
Are you curious about how I saw you?
Does wondering whether or not I desire you, eat at your soul a little?
Do you regret not taking the risk?
Are you worried about the complication of love?
Did you desire me for a tiny moment?
Do you want me still?

I can picture you standing there, smiling down at me.
Your eyes dancing, glistening, unaware of the fire burning within me.
I can still remember the way you smelled when you leaned in close.
I wish I was courageous and bold, I would have made you look at me.
I wish you knew I would have gladly spent one night with you and not shared the moment with the world.
It would have been a gift for you to notice me.
One I would have remembered fondly for all my days.
I would not have felt shame.
I would have basked in the delight of your touch.
I imagine how the warmth of your fingers would feel as they trail across my skin.
Dreaming of it brings a flush to my face and makes my heart skip a beat.
Images of what could have been flood my mind and my body aches with desire.
I try to imagine the flavor of your skin.
My lips still hunger for your kisses, both fierce and gentle.
I wanted to feel your weight upon me.
I craved but a moment with you, not your love.
I wish I were attractive enough for you to see me standing before you.
I wish you had not just glanced and looked away.
I wish you had taken that first step and made me yours for a single night.
I regret not revealing my longing.
I wish I had told you.