Friday, March 20, 2015

So I Was On a Podcast....Again....

A couple weekends ago, I was at PAX East. I was there on a media badge for Structure Network and having a wonderful, though exhausting, time checking out all the games. Of course going to a gathering of the nerds has the added bonus of bumping into people (friends) you know in the industry. 

I managed ot bump into Aaron over at GameEnthus, a couple times in fact, and after PAX was over he asked me to come on their podcast. I had been on once before but that was ages ago. Needless to say, I had a great always. Tiny (@Tiny415), Mike (@AssaultSuit), and Aaron (@Ind1fference) are awesome. They are the type of guys I could sit at a bar with, drink beer, and just shoot the shit for hours. 

Oh wait, I kind of did. You should have a listen at the shenanigans.